四号坦克和谢尔曼坦克终极之战 四五运动坦克

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  If I were to ask you when the final battle between a Panzer IV and a Sherman took place, what would be your answer?


  How many people said 1945? Well it was later than that, a lot later. During the 1967 Six Day War in fact. After their defeat in the Israeli War of Independence and the following years the Syrians brought in advisers to help train their army. These were predominantly German ex-soldiers. These advisers convinced the Syrians they needed more armour. So the Syrians went shopping and from about 1959 they started to acquire Panzer IV's, Stug IIIG's, a handful of Jagdpanzer IV's and even the odd Hummel. The tanks seem to have been sourced from both Czechoslovakia and France, although some may have come from Spain as well. They saw action on the Golan heights during the War over Water. However when the Israelis deployed Centurions the old German tanks were forced back. The Syrians then started to receive Russian support, such as T-34/85's and T54's. From then on the tanks remained in positions on the Golan heights.


四号坦克和谢尔曼坦克终极之战 四五运动坦克

  At the start of the Six Day War the Syrians tried a limited offensive. However due to a variety of reasons (and a good study of "how not to do it") the attack was defeated. One of the reasons was bridge width, as the tanks advancing were too wide for the bridges, and the Syrians lost several tanks drowned in rivers. The other major factor was the Israeli Air Force mounting a sustained and deadly attack after catching the Syrian Air Force on the ground. After the attack was defeated the Syrians restricted themselves to firing bombardments into Israel. For their part the Israelis didn't want to push the Syrians to avoid fighting on too many fronts. However this changed on the 9th of June when the Israelis attacked.


四号坦克和谢尔曼坦克终极之战 四五运动坦克

  The 8th Armoured Brigade consisting of M50 and M51 Shermans attacked. Around Tel Faher and Tel Azaziat there were several Panzer IV's, and at least one Stug III. One source suggests there was four Panzer IV's at Tel Faher. All the German tanks were well dug in with minefields and infantry. The infantry were armed with Soviet anti-tank weapons.

  装备有M50和M51谢尔曼(超级谢尔曼)的以色列第八装甲旅发起了攻击。叙利亚在Tel Faher和Tel Azaziat周边地区部署有一些四号坦克和至少一辆三号突击炮。有一份资料上说在Tel Faher有四辆四号坦克。所有的德制坦克都由雷区保护,并有步兵协助。这些步兵还装备了苏制反坦克武器。

四号坦克和谢尔曼坦克终极之战 四五运动坦克

  The Israelis attacked with eight Sherman Dozer's leading the advance to clear the minefields, however five were destroyed by defending fire. The 8th Brigade also took heavy losses in Shermans.


  In the early afternoon after pushing forward in half tracks the Israeli forces had reached the base of the hills that the Syrian positions were on. However the crawl across the open ground had cost them dearly. Only 25 soldiers remained combat ready. These were split into two groups who stormed the two fire bases. At Tel Azaziat of the 13 men who attacked only three survived the assault. At Tel Faher the casualties were worse. Of the 12 attackers only one man survived.

  下午早些时候,以色列部队乘坐半履带式装甲车,推进到了一座山脚下,山上有叙利亚人的据点。在穿越开阔地带时,以色列部队损失惨重,只剩下25个士兵还能战斗。他们分成两组,向两个火力点发起突击。在Tel Azaziat,参与进攻的13个士兵中只有3人活了下来。对Tel Faher的攻击则更为惨烈,12个人里只有1人活了下来。

  During this battle at least one of the Sherman's destroyed a Panzer IV. A study of the wrecks in the area shows that one of the Stugs was hit three times by a Sherman, and a fourth hole was caused by ammunition cooking off and punching out from the inside of the vehicle.


四号坦克和谢尔曼坦克终极之战 四五运动坦克